Air monitoring


The proposed cultural center engages with the chemical quality of outdoor air. The building is clad in a porous limestone which will provide support to growing lichens and mosses. These plants have the capacity to monitor the quality of atmospheric air since mosses and lichens lack roots and surface absorption of rainfall is the only way to obtain vital nutrients. Interestingly, the color of the mosses and lichens change according to the chemical contents of the air, displaying colors which range from green, orange or blue.

Prizes: Honourable Mention

Credits. Years: 2005. Location: Alcorcón (Madrid); Client: Ayuntamiento de Alcorcón; Area: 17.625m2; Architects: TAAs + Javier García-Germán; Competition collaborators: Alia García-Germán, Mariano Fernández Buso, Jaime Bartolomé.