Cartes emergent landscape


The competition site is a polluted zinc mine tailing. Instead of considering a final scheme which restores the mine dump to its original natural condition, the proposal starts a phytoremediation process which, through emergent growth, aspires to reactivate the site. This process aims to deal with the complexity of the site, engaging ecological, economic and social questions to assure the future viability of the site. Landscape ecology spatial and temporal patterns are applied to the site –paying tribute to Richard T.T. Forman— systematically in an attempt to curtail banal uses of self-organization strategies. In this sense, the spatial structures which are introduced are attuned to its expected performance and change.

Prizes: EUROPAN 8 Honourable Mention

Credit. Year 2007. Location: Cartes (Cantabria); Client: Consejería de Fomento, Gobierno de Cantabria; Area: 21.300m2; Architects: TAAs + Javier García-Germán; Collaborators: Alia García-Germán, Andoni Bernal, Anabel Fernández, Nacho Redruello.