Dissipating office building


The building poses an alternative to the air-conditioned sealed-envelope energy-certified office environment. First, the glass curtain-wall gives place to a faceted ceramic-clad envelope which, through shape, maximizes radiation summer reflection and winter collection. Second, the convective air-conditioning system gives place to a water radiant system which tempers the office space through high-inertia concrete slabs. Thus, structure and performance are integrated by means of its envelope and its environmental control systems.

Competition First Prize

Credit. Years 2012-14. Location: Paseo Castellana, Madrid; Client: Regato SL; Office Area: 3.800m2; Commercial Area: 950m2; Garage Area: 2350m2; Budget: 5.175.000€; Architects: TAAs (Javier García-Germán + Alia García-Germán) + BETA.0 (Borja Peña); Collaborators: Lucía de Val, María González, Ernesto Sierra, Regina Valle, Nacho Espigares. Enginnering consultants: BOMA-IMPASA, XMADE, Úrculo Ingenieros; Richard Ellis.