COLABORATORIO ETSAM: Digital Fabrication Studio Seminar

Lecturers: Almudena Ribot, Ignacio Borrego, Javier García-Germán, Diego García-Setién


The aim of CoLaboratorio is to research the connections that exist between design practices and the new fabrication processes deployed in contemporary industry. These connections include both design and fabrication processes.

CoLaboratorio explores as well team work as the paradigm of contemporary architectural practice. The contribution of students will be in part individual and in part collaborative, contributing with individual feedback and benefiting from collective research.

CoLaboratorio considers digital fabrication, as a process which overlays design strategies and production processes, is understood as necessary response to contemporary construction methods and, as an interesting turn for design practices.

CoLaboratorio has delivered undergraduate and graduate seminars in ETSAM and is currently developing Fab-Lab Madrid.