TAAs – totem arquitectos asociados

Castellana 94 office building


Madrid, 2012-20

Carabanchel collective housing


Madrid, 2017-21

Carabanchel collective housing


Madrid, 2017-21

Clip-on Restoration in Santander


Paseo de Pereda 6 (Santander), 2005-12

This project reactivates a five-story 18th Century building, restoring its façade and transforming its interior into a contemporary apartment building. Two strategies are deployed: First, an impeccable

AF renovation and house extension


El Viso (Madrid), 2010-12

This project is located in a residential area in the center of Madrid, near AZCA financial center. The house replicates the preexisting volume, building a light-weight

Climate, Material Culture, Everyday Life & Architecture


Sam Fox School of Design

Washington University, St. Louis (2021)

Educational Building in Madrid


Madrid , 2021

Portico and patio: social and climatic interaction The proposal is articulated with two traditional elements of the Spanish Meseta architectura: the portico and the patio. First,

Climatic Typologies


Harvard Universtiy Graduate School of Design School

Cambridge, Massachusetts (2018)

MPdV house in El Escorial


San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid), 2012-14

The house is located in Monte Abantos, a beautiful south-looking pine tree forest overlooking the 16th Century Monasterio de El Escorial. The project —the radiant house—

Ecological suburban community in Cáceres


Suertes de Santamaría (Cáceres), 2010-23

Some of the strategies which were devised for the Ribera del Marco have been later deployed in other places of Cáceres. This project responds to Cáceres’

UdT renovation and house extension


Prosperidad (Madrid), 2015-20

This project —the bouyant house— extends a small house located in a residential area in the city centre of Madrid. The original two-storey house is extended

Escuela Infantil en Majadahonda


Majadahonda (Madrid),

This kindergarden sits in the typical suburban landscape of Madrid periphery, an artificial irrigated landscape formed by low density suburban housing and evergreen gardens. The kindergarden

COP 25 U.N. Climate Change

Panel conference

Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid

Madrid (2019)

Rivera del Marco Urban Reactivation


Cáceres, 2009-11

The objective for this riverside, origin of Caceres’ UNESCO World Heritage Site, is to create a new sustainable urbanity, both ecological and intense, capable of superimposing

Architecture, Atmosphere and People


College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

Shanghai, China (2018)

Thermodynamic Interactions. An architectural exploration into physiological, material, territorial atmospheres


Author: Javier García-Germán

Co-editors: Philippe Rahm, Iñaki Ábalos, Silvia Benedito

ACTAR-D Inc., New York. 2017

ISBN: 978-1-940291-22-2

Awards: Pensamiento y Crítica FAD Award 2018 and the XIII BEAU Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial publication awards

Lima office building


Lima (Perú), 2012

Lima’s dry and mild climate enables to design office buildings with outdoor public spaces. The design process starts researching the local climatic types, finding in the

MUPAC, Cantabria Prehistory and Archaeology Museum and Office Building


Santander (Cantabria), 2019

The proposal is inspired in the two typical Paleolithic proto-architectures, the rock shelter and the cave. These two spaces —exterior and interior— will give to the

Convective Housing Scheme in Murcia


Jabalí Viejo (Murcia), 2007-08

Located in an abandoned terraced south-looking lemon tree grove, the scheme preserves the stepped site to provide intimacy to outdoor areas and afford solar radiation, deploying

Climatic Typologies


Rice University School of Architecture

Houston, Texas (2019)

2G nº 74: H arquitectes: Mediterranean Atmospheres: From Multilayered to Monolithic


Gustavo Gili, Barcelona. 2017

ISBN: 978-3-86335-934-8