Master of Architecture in Collective Housing


Director: Javier García-Germán


This module considers the discussion on thermodynamics and sustainability as an opportunity for architecture and urbanism to rethink its traditional apparatus: structure (spatial structure and built systems), performance (climate and use through time) and its connections and exchanges with the environment.

The aim of the course is to merge the scientific and technical knowledge with its cultural contextualization; these two tracks, the technological and the theoretical, will crisscross throughout the course to transmit a critical perspective on energy and sustainability that can propel effective applications on design.

The module overlaps seminar and studio work, offering the possibility to implement the theoretical ideas discussed during the seminar as design tools. It includes an array of guest professors –featuring not only the design fields but other disciplines such as physics, biology and ecology and applied engineering– among which speculative debate is fostered.

Guest lecturers include, amongst others:

Luis Fernández-Galiano ( chair at ETSAM and chief editor AV Magazine); Alex Ivancic (PhD industrial engineer and energy consultant); Andrés Jaque (principal of Andrés Jaque Architects and Office of Political Innovations); Roberto Bermejo (Chair of Economy, Universidad País Vasco); Florencio Manteca (architect and architectural director CENER); Iñaki Ábalos (chair at ETSAM and Harvard School of Design and principal of Abalos+Sentkiewicz); Andrew Kiel (associate at Sauerbruch-Hutton); Rafael Úrculo (industrial engineer and principal Urculo Ingenieros); Belinda Tato (architect and principal of Ecosistema Urbano); Servando Álvarez (chair of energetic engineering at Universidad de Sevilla); Salvador Rueda, (sociologist and ecologist and head of the Agencia de Ecología Urbana); David Gissen (PhD and associate professor of California College of the Arts); Mark Dwyker (Fundación Metropolis); and Barbara Pons (IE University and Ayuntamiento de Madrid).