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Javier García-Germán


TAAs (ToTem arquitectos asociados) was founded in 2005 by Javier García-Germán (ETSAM 2002, UPM; MDesS 2004, Harvard Design School) and Alia García-Germán (ETSAM 2007) as a professional practice focused on architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and urban planning. Our commitment is to find synergies between design practices and sustainability issues, responding in an innovative manner to emerging demands.

Our firm has the capacity to face almost any professional challenge, with independence of its scale and complexity, through temporal partnerships with reputed consulting firms from other fields. Habitual engineering consulting firms include Úrculo Ingenieros, BOMA, NB35 or XMADE.

The intensity and rigour which TAAs deploys is propelled by a number of research and academic activities which are developed in parallel. These activities range from publication of articles in internationally indexed periodicals and participation in international forums, to teaching in undergraduate and graduate programs such as the Madrid School of Architecture, the Master in Collective Housing (ETSAM) and the Barcelona Institute of Architecture  (BIArch),

TAAs’ work has been widely published and exhibited, and has received several national and international awards for projects —First Prize for a 232 unit collective housing in Madrid (2007), First Prize in Europan 10 (2009)and First Prize for an Office Building in Madrid (2012)— and for finished buildings —Best Renovation Ortega-Alloza 2009 Awards,  and shortlisted in NAN 2008 Awards, Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo X and XI.




Built work:

-14th Ortega-Alloza Awards, Best Renovation (Typological Clip-on). Santander, 2010.

-Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial, shortlisted (Typological Clip-on). Santander, 2011.

-NAN Awards, Best Integration of Energy in Architecture, Kindergarden in Majadahonda (Roofscape). Madrid, 2009.

-Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial, shortlisted, Kindergarden in Majadahonda (Roofscape). Madrid, 2009.



1st Prize EUROPAN 10, Cáceres

Honourable Mention EUROPAN 8, Cartes

Runner-up EUROPAN 6, Marina de Cudeyo

Honourable Mention EUROPAN 5, Bilbao

1st Prize Office Building, Madrid (2012)

1st Prize International Competition, 250 unit Social Housing, Madrid (2007)

2nd Prize International Competition Youth Center, Santoña (2006)




Collaborating with architectural practices around the world is one of the opportunities our office embraces. Teaming up with other offices allows us to complement our expertise in sustainability with other design specialties, improving our projects’ quality and amplifying our professional outlook.

Competitions and commissions abroad are being targeted through international networking, amplifying our geographical range. Similarly we team-up with foreign offices working in Spain, contributing with local expertise to international design teams. Among our last collaborations we must point out Aires Mateus, with whom we developed a 40.000 sq./m. housing scheme in Madrid.




Structures: BOMA-IMPASA, Garval Ingeniería, NB35; mechanical services: Úrculo Ingenieros, 3I Ingeniería, Adventia Ingeniería; envelopes: XMADE; photographs: Imagen Subliminal, Miguel de Guzmán.




Ministerio de Fomento; Junta Extremadura, Consejería de Fomento; Ayuntamiento de Cáceres; Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda y el Suelo, Ayuntamiento Madrid; ARPEGIO, Comunidad de Madrid; Ayuntamiento de Majadahonda; Greenkey SL; Loix Creaciones SL; Muelle 6 SL; Regato SL




Architects: Ismael Aboli, Carlos Martínez de Albornoz, Juan Riveiro, Encarnación Serna, Lucía de Val, Jaime Yndurain

Quantity Surveyors: Lucía Gigante, Emilio Gómez, Victor Gómez, Beltrán de la Mata, Javier Mach y Javier Cestero, Miguel Ángel Martín Melgar, Castor Rodríguez

Students: Iñigo Baquedano, Miriam Barrios, Jaime Bartolomé, Andoni Bernal, Antonio Blanco, Alba Castillón, Fabrizia Cortellini, Anabel Fernández, Mariano Fernández Buso, Elena Fuertes, Hugo García, Ignacio González Carriles, Sebastian Grögaard, Héctor Jiménez, Begoña Leal, Alberto Martínez, Javier Martínez, Lucía Martínez-Rasilla, Luis Mesejo, María Milans, Carlos Moreno, Alberto Pérez, Ignacio Pons-Sorolla, Alberto Porras, María Purriños, Nacho Redruello, David Rodríguez Cobos, Sara Ruiz-Valdepeñas, Jesús Sanabria, Alberto Sánchez, Alberto Used, Therezia Sloet tot Everlo, Wu Yue, Zhou Zewo, Manuel Zea.