Ribera del Marco


Ribera del Marco is a very complex site where environmental, economic, social, historical and ludic factors are overlaid, establishing synergetic relationships that construct sustainable conglomerates. For example, environmental qualities have historically intertwined with farming uses to establish sustainable human and non-human entities. The main idea of the competition was to understand how la Ribera works and to determine its potentials. Once this is understood, new acupunctural interventions are added with the aim of making visible its existing qualities. 36 environmental, productive, connectivity, social, building and ludic strategies were defined. These strategies have a common denominator: minimum cost but maximum effectiveness. These strategies are complemented by a set of low-tech economic catalogue of clip-on interventions (see URBAN RENOVATION: CACERES CLIP-ON).

Prizes: EUROPAN 10 First Prize

Credits. Years: 2009-2011. Location: Cáceres; Client: Junta de Extremadura, Ayuntamiento de Cáceres; Area: 80,75has; Architects: TAAs + Javier García-Germán +Alia García-Germán; Commission collaborators: Jaime Yndurain; Competition collaborators: Alberto Martínez, Carlos Moreno, Alberto Porras, Sara Ruiz-Valdepeñas, Jesús Sanabria, Encarna Serna, Zhou Zewo. Quantity Surveyors: Emilio Gómez.