A multilayered roofscape which —combining material, energy and information flows— collects the latent energy present in the site, and filters it, stores it and redistributes it to provide a thermal indoor ambient and a biological outdoor environment. Heat is redistributed to a high-inertia radiant surface and water is canalized to the fertile garden according to seasonal rainfall and indigenous species —paying homage to Gilles Clement’s jardin en mouvement. Each of these energetic processes is made visible to work on the environmental awareness of the children.

Prizes: Short-listed NAN Prizes 2008, Best Energetic Integration.
Short-listed X Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo.

Credits. Years 2005-09. Location: Majadahonda (Madrid); Client: ARPEGIO, Comunidad de Madrid; Built Area:660m2; Garden Area: 2.500m2;Budget:795.000.-€; Architects: TAAs + Javier García-Germán; Collaborators: Alia García-Germán, Ismael Aboli, Sebastian Grogaard, Héctor Jiménez, María Milans del Bosch, Alberto Pérez, Juan Riveiro, Zhou Zewo. Engineering Consultants: Úrculo Ingenieros SL, Controlex Ingeniería SL. Quantity Surveyors: Miguel Ángel Martín Melgar; Photography: Miguel de Guzmán.