The climatic clip-on


A low-inertia clip-on is added to a 1920s basque-style house which, interacting with the high-inertia masonry existing structure, produces a wide variety of climates. The clip-on provides a vertical shaft —new service core— which works as a climate mixer for the whole house. A new vertical garden with a water pulverization system contributes adds evapotranspiration to the climatic-physiological spectrum that the house provides.

A 1920s basque-style house is extended, adding a lightweight building that adapts to the volume of a preexisting extension.

19th Century traditional building techniques give place to contemporary building techniques. From load-bearing walls to plate and column structure and lightweight multilayered façade.

Technical core is added which reactivates existing buildings, introducing new services and circulations (elevator and staircase) and a vertical shaft which enhances the natural ventilation of the whole house.

A new outdoor lightweight ramp is superimposed over preexisting constructions, creating a new entrance to the house and casting shadow on living outdoor areas.

A new vertical garden adds biological density to the small-sized existing garden. The limits of the garden are extruded vertically, creating a tridimensional mesh which will promote the growth of creepers. The aim is not to seclude the garden but to enhance its biological interconnection to neighboring gardens.

In addition, this perimetral device provides a comfortable summer environment for the garden. Rainwater collection feeds a water pulverization system which provides a humid and refreshing outdoor environment in the dry Madrid summers.

Credits. Years: 2009-12; Location: Bilbao; Architects: TAAs + Javier García-Germán + Alia García-Germán; Collaborators: Ignacio González Carriles, María Purriños, Jesús Sanabria, Encarna Serna, Zhou Zewo. Engineering Consultants: Garval Ingeniería S.L. Quantity Surveyors: Alfonso Barrón, Joaquín Riveiro + Martín Bilbao.