The convective living


A collection of convective living-rooms provide an all year-round environment which conflates a spatial, social and climatic strategy in a single volume. The concrete prefab double-height living supplies convective ventilation in summer and heat accumulation in winter.

Convection. Convection is a process of energy transfer which involves the concerted, collective movement of ensembles of molecules within fluids.

A solar chimney: A convective living which connects the spatial qualities of a building to its materiality —micrsoscale and mesoscale— and to its thermodynamic performance.

Thermal mass. The convective living’s performance is complemented by high thermal-inertia prefab concrete walls which contribute to climate control during hot summers and cold winters.

Urban form. Solar chimneys are deployed along the site according to sun radiation (maximum deviation of 15% in relation to South) and according to public-private negotiations.

Material maps. The design process mapped systematically the shipping distances of construction materials, from its extraction point to the building site. The aim was to compare weight versus shipping distance to evaluate which materials were penalizing greenhouse emissions.

Credits. Year: 2007-08; Location: Javalí Viejo (Murcia); Client: GREENKEY; Area: 3.500m2; Budget: 4.350.000.-€; Architects: TAAs + Javier García-Germán; Collaborators: Ismael Aboli, Begoña Leal, Luis Mesejo, Juan Riveiro, Therezia Sloet tot Everlo; Engineering Consultants: Urculo Ingenieros S.L.