TAAs —totem arquitectos asociados— has been in practice since 2005, developing a level of architectural quality that has been recognised with awards and publications in acknowledged magazines.

We carry out a diverse range of work which spans office, residential, educational and cultural buildings. We welcome this diversity which contributes to making each project distinctive, and for different projects to learn from each other.

Our commissions include new buildings and renovations for public and private clients. We have a strong record of working with listed buildings including UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other historic locations. We have also proven our ability to design new buildings on sites without conservation value.

We have the capacity to operate in a wide variety of national and international scenarios, independently of scales and time-frames. We have professional alliances with the principal Spanish engineering consultancies to tackle complex and demanding commissions. We are competent, professional and reliable firm which builds cohesive teams to work with passion and determination in the achievement of pursued goals. Our teams’ collaborative ethos and professional commitment guarantees the succesful integration of architecture with its technical and environmental counterparts.

Our founding partner, Javier García-Germán, teaches architecture, at ETSAM Madrid, ETH Zürich and IAAC Barcelona. Practice and teaching benefit each other, bringing together the fresh spirit of students with the experience of a successful office. As a creative and reflective practice, our work is significantly enriched by the questioning attitude and collaborative endeavour that are at the heart of education. Our ideas are developed and improved when tested through discussion and sharpened by exposure to critique.

We have a strong interest in sustainability. This interest enriches our architectural work, giving perspectives and insights into the spatial, material and programmatic qualities of buildings. In addition we understand that sustainability offers the opportunity to improve the life of buildings’ inhabitants, delivering healthy, comfortable and intense places to live in.

TAAs has maximum commitment to the design of buildings which are respectful with the environment. Our technical expertise focuses on the design of low energy NZEB buildings based on renewable resources. We balance this quantitative low-energy technical approach with a qualitative outlook which seeks the design of livable and vibrant atmospheres.