Algaenergy office building


Madrid, 2019-23

Algaenergy is an acknowledged start-up in the realm of circular industry. It feeds on industry’s CO2 emissions to grow inside glass reactors algae which in turn gives place to a wide variety of products: from biofuels to fertilizers or cosmetics.

The proposal, which combines a logistics warehouse and an office building, will be the flag ship of Algaenergy and needs to represent the company’s values —social and environmental committment, transparency, excellence, etc.— through its envelope.

The building is wrapped in a bioclimatic envelope with an outer skin which is built with the same glass tubes where algae are cultivated. This skin represents the environmental commitment of the company. The logistic part will be enveloped in an ondulated galvanized steel cladding which, with a different materiality, will give unity to the whole building.

Taking the patio house as a reference, the office building spins around an atrium where social life will take place. Around the patio the workspaces are located. This patio articulates the thermodynamic performance of the building, providing natural ventilation. The structure of the building is built in exposed concrete which gives thermal inertia to its interior and which is activated with radiant surfaces.


Location: Valdelacasa, Alcobendas, Madrid

Date: 2019-2023

Client: Algaenergy

Area: 11.015m²

Project architects: TAAs (Javier García-Germán + Alia García-Germán)

Project team: Alia García-Germán, Clara Cejuela, Mario Nistal, Paula Jiménez

Consultants: Valladares Ingeniería, Úrculo Ingenieros

Quantity Surveyor: Martín Melgar & asociados

Budget: 8.387.000,00 €