Lima office building


Lima (Perú), 2012

Lima’s dry and mild climate enables to design office buildings with outdoor public spaces. The design process starts researching the local climatic types, finding in the porches of the traditional haciendas —for example the Larco Museum loggia— located along Rimac riverside a very valuable reference. The project articulates office spaces along outdoor elevated wide corridors covered in bouganville where all the social interaction of the building takes place.

Lima’s building culture has a material palette where thermal inertia plays an important role, from the traditional earth and adobe brick walls to the industrially produced concrete-block walls. The structure of the building is built in exposed concrete which gives thermal inertia to its interior and which enables passive climate control. The structural system also meets the seismic requirements Lima’s geology demands.


Location: Lima, Perú

Date: 2018

Client: Concytec-Fondytec. Restricted Competition

Area: 15.350m²

Competition architects: TAAs (Javier García-Germán + Alia García-Germán)

Competition team: Alia García-Germán, Francisco Bassi, Justo Díaz, Luis Ecea, Marta Villar

Local architects: Michelle Prutschi (MPW arquitectura)

Consultanta: JG Ingenieros Peru

Quantity Surveyor: JG Ingenieros Peru

Budget: 27.800.000,00 soles peruanos