Educational Building in Madrid


Madrid , 2021

Portico and patio: social and climatic interaction

The proposal is articulated with two traditional elements of the Spanish Meseta architectura: the portico and the patio.

First, these two elements have the capacity to articulate all the social interaction of the building. The portico and patio will organise all the circulations of the building, being also the spaces where all informal meetings which are part of the learning experience of the students will happen.

Second, these two elements offer the possibility to mediate with Madrid’s climate, the portico offering a space with sun protection, and the patio organising the building’s ventilation, bringing together architectonic issues with climatic and social ones.


The Building and Moncloa’s Campus

The new educational building  integrates naturally in the urban context of Moncloa’s Campus. Instead of appealing to an iconic geometry with a singular character, the proposed building is wrapped in a perimetral portico which on one hand provides the building with institutional character, and, on the other, gives the building a neutral and balanced character which allows its incorporation to the scene without protagonism, opening to the urban context.



Location: Madrid

Date: 2021

Competition: Restricted Competition

Client: Univesrsidad San Pablo CEU

Area: 6.300 m²

Project architects: TAAs (Javier García-Germán + Alia García-Germán)

Project Team: Javier García-Germán, Alia García-Germán, Luciana Teper, Miguel del Valle, Valverde de Alda, Juan Jose Sánchez, Francisco Aguanell, César Manso

Consultants: Úrculo Ingenieros

Quantity Surveyor: ARETÉ AT arquitectos técnicos s.l.p.

Model: CTRL X

Budget: 6.483.179 €