Zurbano 45 office building


Madrid, 2019-23

The objective of this commission is to renew an obsolete office building which is located in a dense ensanche urban area. The refurbishment focuses on three elements which will, mediating between the old and the new, give a new character to the building.

First, the envelope has been designed as a double skin bioclimatic façade which guarantees an interactive exchange of heat and air between exterior and interior.

Second, the building’s existing courtyard will house a vertical garden which will introduce organic life into Madrid’s dense built environment.

And third, a series of public spaces which cascade around this patio where social life will take place. This new organic and social space will articulate the climatic performance of the building, offering natural ventilation through buoyant plumes.


Location: Zurbano 45, Madrid

Date: 2019-2023

Client: Muelle 6 S.L.

Area: 4.350m²

Project architects: TAAs (Javier García-Germán + Alia García-Germán)

Project team: Alia García-Germán, Clara Cejuela, Mario Nistal

Consultants: Valladares Ingeniería, Úrculo Ingenieros

Quantity Surveyor: Martín Melgar & asociados

Budget: 6.500.000,00 €